Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Vocabulary: smile and laugh

guffaw n
(loud laughter)

grin at [sb/sth] vi + prep
(smile broadly at)

       chortle n
(gleeful chuckle)

      chuckle vi
reírse entre dientes 

snicker (US),
snigger (UK) n
(snide laugh)
risita nf

snicker (US),
snigger (UK) vi
(laugh snidely)
reír disimuladamente loc verb

sneer vi
(make scornful expression)
burlarse v prnl

smirk vi

(smile smugly, scornfully)

sonreír con suficiencia 

sonreír con superioridad 

·           Jack guffawed at the comedian's joke.
·          Kate let out a nervous giggle.
·         Peter grinned as he stuffed the chocolate in his mouth
·         Emma told Gavin she was sorry, but he just sneered.
·         Whenever the teacher made a mistake, the children tried to hide their sniggers.
·         The children snickered when their classmate dropped his lunch tray.
·         At the bar, the rowdy men jeered at the loser of the fight.
·         Father chuckled at his own joke
·          She chortled with glee at the news.
·          Janet couldn't stand her boss, so she smirked when she heard he'd been fired.

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